Security Recall


Security Recall

In cooperation with the US Coast Guard and Transports Canada

Elie Strait kayaks

KJR12 and KJR14 ModelsSTRAIT 120, STRAIT 120XE and STRAIT 140, STRAIT 140XE

These kayaks have a potential weakness in the keel assembly, which can lead to hull leaks and affect the flotation capacity when used for a long period.Concerned product serial numbers (HIN) start with ZEP and end withD313 to L313, 314, 414, 415, and 515.

HIN: The hull identification number is a unique serial number comprised of 12 characters. It is located on the starboard side of the hull, next to the stern.

Please note: 

All replacement Strait 120 and Strait 120 XE models are available in Tangerine/Red color only.

All replacement Strait 140 and Strait 140 XE models are available in Lime Green color only.

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Stop using the kayak and follow these instructions to obtain a free replacement kayak. 

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