Technologies and Materials



The distinctive TST technology

We are the leading North American kayak manufacturer to use TST technology.
Over many years, we have been perfecting the art of Twin Sheet Thermoforming (TST), a high-precision technology shaping the deck and hull and fusing them together under extreme heat and pressure. This technology enables us to produce two tone colored kayaks, similar in appearance to composite kayaks but at a very affordable price.

This and other key technologies and innovations have contributed to us becoming one of the largest kayak manufacturers in the world.


Merging our TST technology and our exclusive POLY-XRTM material results in an ultra resistant kayak

Used in all Elie kayaks, the three-layer Poly-XRTM material is 30% more rigid than standard polyethylene thanks to an advanced resin in the top layer. Our designers use less material to deliver the same incredible durability – resulting in a lighter, stiffer and stronger kayak easier to paddle, maneuver, and lift on top of your car.